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Searchlight From the Back of a Harley

Peasants revolt poster

Contributed by Tea Partier, J Stanley

In the recent past, we have become dismayed by the far-left leanings of incumbents now in power and have shamefully realized we were misled.  The election of Obama turned the horrifying corner for our country.  Accepting this knowledge, we are thrilled for the rise of the Tea Party as it solidifies an outlet for dissent with our new leftist-liberal President Obama, his administration, and Democrat congressmen.  They have corrupted the trust and the good will of the American people.  We have been sold out for purely political power-seeking individuals and the elistist on the left for their statist ideals.  Liberty has taken a major blow.

The honest truth is that those involved in or attending the Tea Parties are far more qualified to serve in public office than any current Democratic incumbent.  The concern these folks have for their country is heartfelt and far outweighs that of any Democrat currently in office!  We saw this first hand in Searchlight.  It takes courage and will power to continue to fight when the odds are stacked against you.  Therefore, it is fitting that one of the largest crowds for the Tea Party Express appeared in a desert field in the middle of Nevada!  Speaking of odds!  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!  They estimate 8,000 to 10,000 folks attended and that did not count those that just couldn’t get in!

Our windy morning began with Tea Party buses coming from both Laughlin and Las Vegas heading for Searchlight.  Behind the buses were so many patriots driving their vehicles, their motorcyles and RVs from as far away as Texas and all states in between.  From our bike, you could not see the line’s beginning or end.  Many others had already gathered the previous night at the dusty field north of Searchlight.  As we arrived in the small town, we were initially greeted by jeers from the stand up left of about 30 folks with duplicate, ready made signs supporting Harry Reid. We could hear their snarls as we biked past!  It was later reported they threw eggs at the buses….Speaking of hate speech, how about hate action?  Oh, that’s not inciting and doesn’t count coming from the left!

Happily, we quickly became aware this was going to be a very big event, larger than anyone anticipated.  Cars were lined up from the end of Searchlight for miles to the field’s entrance.  It was amazing to see both roadsides full of shoulder parked vehicles and people walking to the event carrying foldout chairs, flags, and signs.  It was the same view from the other side entering the event!  It was heartwarming to see the long line of flagged cars and signs!  Truly democracy in action.

After we walked the dusty road to the event, we were welcomed by music coming from the stage with RVs circling the event far from the stage in a half moon line.  Everyone was crowding closer to the stage to get a peek and hear the speeches. Flags were everywhere.  Signs were pro-American; folks were happy and under such a clear blue sky, it seemed well….patriotic!

The various speeches were for district offices, Governor, and Senatorial candidates in Nevada.  Within the state, it is critical to vote for conservatives and to replace Harry Reid.  The main message was it must be done for the state’s survival.  The other push was to abolish the IRS with a fair tax system.  Constitutional law, gun rights, marriage between one man and one woman, pro-life, pro-military, no amnesty, totally pro-American. 

Then, came Sarah Palin.  They loved her and above the crowd was skywriting— Tea Party Express — Just Vote them Out — God Bless America — Thank you Sarah — amazingly done circling above the crowd.  It was overwhelming.  Cheers came regularly to Sarah’s speech as she admonished the media to just get it right this time.  It was amazing to be there while folks were inspired.  I hoped the nation watched as we witnessed true courage.  Yes, there will be others with courage, but much must be made of those that take the initial steps to recognize the need and not shirk their responsibility. It was wonderful to watch.  The work that goes on with one of these events is overwhelming. Credit should be given to those who work and sacrifice on a daily basis to insure the success of this movement!

The Tea Party is pro-American and completely grassroots.  There are many ways to help and get involved: showing up, contributing, and helping in any way you can.  It is imperative WE do so.  It carries a completely conservative message and is one of the most effective tools I have ever witnessed to affect change and to wake up those that won’t Listen to the People!  It is survival time for our ideals and our way of life….Help in any way you can……..

Just Vote Them Out!

Interesting video from that support reports of egg throwing and threats by Harry Reid supporters.
Searchlight egg throwers


We the People


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