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I Voted Romney

I also voted McCain! If that makes me a “RINO”, fine. Obama’s continual, unconstitutional actions undermine America’s foundations. When Obama isn’t ignoring the Courts, he’s packing them with liberal judges, therefore, Obama’s damage will continue long after he has left office. The courts and judges, the two best reasons to have voted for both McCain & Romney.

As Tim Stanley says, “ Only the young, non-whites and people in a coma back the White House. “

“1. Romney said that Russia was a serious strategic threat to the US. The administration not only disagreed, it laughed the idea down”

Obama STILL is clueless about Russia saying,  Putin leads a “regional power” not a threat really. More like a bully, attacking neighboring countries ‘not out of strength, but out of weakness.’”  Has Obama ever read any history? Does Obama have any idea how countries attacking neighboring countries has worked out before, say in WWI and WWII?

“2. Romney said that Obamacare would be hard to implement and it sure was. The website barely functioned and the pledge that people could keep their own plans turned out to be a lie.

Obamacare actually has felons working as “navigators”, helping Americans get all set-up in Obamacare.  Felons who’ve been convicted of financial crimes.

“3. Romney said that Obama would struggle to work with Congress.

Obama doesn’t “struggle” to work with Congress. Obama doesn’t want to work with Congress. Obama circumvents Congress. Besides, Obama finds those Congress people & work boring.

As one of an increasing number of late-night dinners in his second term, it offers a glimpse into a president who prefers intellectuals to politicians, and into the rarefied company Mr. Obama may keep after he leaves the White House.

Sometimes stretching into the small hours of the morning, the dinners reflect a restless president weary of the obligations of the White House and less concerned about the appearance of partying with the rich and celebrated. Freewheeling, with conversation touching on art, architecture and literature, the gatherings are a world away from the stilted meals Mr. Obama had last year with Senate Republican leaders at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington.”

If Obama is so bored, why doesn’t he resign? Surely Obama has done enough damage, cost Americans enough, & had enough partying on Americans’ dimes. No one would mind. Really. Let’s stop the nonsense that Obama is some big brain. His comments & actions have repeatedly disproven that mantra, see his Russian assessment above and this doozy as examples of his shining intellect & knowledge. Surely the only people. besides Obama himself, who still believe the Obama hype are those still waiting for Obama to slow “the rise of the oceans”.

4. Romney took a strong stance on illegal immigration that might have seemed harsh or even irrelevant in 2012.”

Illegals, “dreamers”, amnesty, the list of Obama’s mendacity goes on & on. According to Obama, “dreamers” are America’s future.

Yes, I voted for Romney and even McCain! As Obama’s court appointees continue to overrule Americans & the Constitution for many, many years, we’ll wish we’d elected Romney and even McCain. Elections do matter and they have lasting consequences for our kids.



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