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Arizona Might Get A Beach


“However, the biggest danger, many experts warn, is that global warming will cause sea levels to rise dramatically.” (National Geographic)

Anthony seems to  have  a point.  Doesn’t this sound logical?

“But I keep thinking that if sea level was rising significantly, some of the billions of people who live along the coasts might have noticed?”

He backs up his thesis with photographs.

“A lot of erosion has occurred over the last 130 years.  In the blink animation above (click on the image to see animation) note that the rock under the three people standing on the right in the 1871 image is gone, and has formed a small island of boulders with three people sitting on it in the recent image. There is no evidence that sea level has risen.

A few Palm Trees have been planted, but the sea appears to be in exactly the same place it was 130 years ago.  In fact the rocks on the upper right are higher above the water now than in the earlier picture (high tide.)  There is no glacial rebound in San Diego, and the faults in the region are strike-slip (horizontal) faults.  They don’t cause vertical movement.  Prior to the March quake this year, the last large quake to hit the region was in 1862.”

Guess Zonies will have to settle for our pools.



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