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Obama Disses Israel

By Sally Mulder

Are you aware that Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East and one of our staunchest allies in the world?

9/11 “Living Memorial” in the Jerusalem Forest Hills Dedicated

So how does the Obama administration treat our valuable ally, Israel?  How does the Obama administration treat our sworn enemy, Iran?

The United States is working with both Egypt and Russia to rid Israel of its nuclear weapons, as part of a comprehensive plan to neutralize Iran’s nuclear power…..The UN conference, held every five years, is to begin with an address by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose nuclear program and soon-expected capabilities have thrown the region into turmoil.” h/t Atlas Shrugs

Why are is the Obama administration doing everything in its power to undermine, rather than support, our ally, Israel?  Does any American really believe that Obama can reason with and cajole Ahmadinejad, a complete madman?  Does anyone believe this can end well for Israel or for America?

Ambassador John Bolton weighs in at the WSJ:

We should recognize that an Israeli use of military force would be neither precipitate nor disproportionate, but only a last resort in anticipatory self-defense. Arab governments already understand that logic and largely share it themselves. Such a strike would advance both Israel’s and America’s security interests, and also those of the Arab states.”  h/t Atlas Shrugs

At what point will Obama put the security interests of America first, rather than placating our enemies?

I hope you will visit Keep Israel Safe and sign the petition in support of Israel.

Check out Keep Israel Safe

If you haven’t visited Atlas Shrugs, you are missing valuable information about Islam, jihad, Israel, etc.  I will say that the site can at times be  graphic.  Remember also that Pamela may use some language that can be considered offensive, but that is the exception.


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