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O's Scandals

What happens when an unqualified, narcissistic, community-organiser is elected POTUS? Lots of golf, partying, and fundraising with disastrous scandals for America.

Yet another government audit out Wednesday, this one dissecting last fall’s ObamaCare roll-out debacle. Everyone except Obama, he claims, knew about it instantly on Oct. 1 when the half-billion dollar website collapsed, over and over, after three years of development, as in 36 months.

The new report from the nonpartisan General Accounting Office blames systemic problems such as poor planning, lack of follow-up, ineffective oversight and chaotic coordination. Expenses for the website alone stand at $840 million — and that was last March!

“As the cost of the (website) closes in on a billion dollars,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton said, “even to this day the system is not fully built.” could have done it for much less…

At the more than 400 fundraisers that Obama does run efficiently, he dismisses these systemic administration failures as phony scandals. But a growing number of investigative agencies within the federal government seem to disagree.”





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