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More Illegal Compassion

The problem with Glenn Beck’s “teddy bears” & “mercy, law” is Beck’s actions not only encourage more illegals to come, but support our elected officials’ mendacity.  America’s borders are being overrun by drug cartels, gang members, & possible terrorists yet our government officials do nothing that effectively seals our borders. Every single person, even “kids”, illegally crossing America’s border has broken our laws & needs to be returned to their own countries.  This was my comment on a V D Hanson immigration post:

“Jan Brewer put up another Sign My Petition to Tell Obama We Need Secure Borders on Facebook last night. Enough with the stupid petitions! Obama doesn’t care. Brewer needs to call out the Arizona National Border to deport illegals, stop the dumping of illegals, control the border. Have a press conference explaining she is doing this to protect all of America & Americans from criminals, disease, & the incredible cost to taxpayers of providing food, housing, & medical care to these illegals. Then Brewer should say Obama can arrest her if he believes he has the power & if he supports America’s borders being overrun. Gov Perry should join her. Enough – someone HAS to stand-up.
We’ve gone from “Give me liberty or give me death” &  ‘We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately’ to SIGN MY PETITION. Pathetic!”

I received this reply:

“Watch them call out that national guard, NOT. I have repeatedly called Gov. Rick Perry to do just that Mr. I want to be president but can’t address this issue in his own state., as I live on the border in deep south Texas, aka the war zone, aka the INVASION. the border patrol will tell you that of the 100% of people entering this country daily, they only apprehend 30-40% of the criminal invaders. I get in response from his office that he is “aware of the crisis”. Well DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I have called Senator Cornyn’s office and still the same reply “he is aware of the crisis”, Sen. Ted Cruz’s office, “he is aware of the crisis” and it is because of the lawlessness of Obama. SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It is not safe here on the border, the border patrol are being over run, with no assistance, and cities such as the sanctuary city of Brownsville Texas addressing the problem is “no more pan handlers on the roads” because it isn’t safe. Who do you suppose the pan handlers are? Churches in Brownsville and Harligen are addressing the issue by taking in the ILLEGAL INVADERS, and in Los Fresnos a group that calls themselves the IES (International Educations Services) is sheltering the illegal immigrants. And when I called to query where they got the right to harbor criminals they wouldn’t answer and would not give out the phone number of the heads of their organization. They would only consider taking my number to return call and answer questions. The La Raza crowd is running wild down here and I don’t believe that many of these Churches or groups like IES are taking in CAUGHT illegals by the border patrol. For God Sake would someone please do something it isn’t safe down here.”

Many Texans & Arizonans are living the same nightmare this woman is living. Are these Americans’ suffering & terror unimportant? If my ranch were being overrun, if I was afraid to leave my house, unemployed, or any of the other things many Americans are experiencing, reading Beck’s comments would enrage me. Let’s be honest. This doesn’t really affect Glenn on a deeply personal level. How odd that the  US Government rushes in while all Americans donate & help New York, New Jersey, Florida, & Louisiana during both natural & terrorist disasters yet Texas & Arizona are not only denied help, but also prevented from dealing with the problem to protect their citizens. Are those New Yorkers & others “special Americans”, more deserving of compassion & help? Are Westerners second class citizens? Would Obama,or any other POTUS, shoot pool & drink beer for photo ops rather than visiting NY during a disaster? Soon, all states will realize “compassion” is not a sound policy for dealing with an invasion & that it would’ve been much wiser to secure our borders.

Whatever Glenn Beck’s intentions, he could’ve done all of this without creating a firestorm. Beck’s actions reenforced the “news” that illegals will be welcomed, care for, & amnestied. In reality, the more Americans “do” for these kids, the more word will get back that this is what is going on. Logically, how could it be otherwise? Additionally, the more that is done, the longer the kids stay here, the less likely they are to ever be sent home. I fail to see how engaging in activities that will arguably encourage more kids to flood America is actually charitable or compassionate. Are we to believe that these very young kids, even babies, are making these long, arduous, dangerous treks all by themselves, even managing to cross the American border by themselves?

Frankly, Americans have been very compassionate. We don’t need Glenn Beck lecturing and hectoring us about compassion. Conservatives ARE much more compassionate and give much more to charity than liberals. “Liberals show tremendous compassion in pushing for generous government spending to help the neediest people at home and abroad. Yet when it comes to individual contributions to charitable causes, liberals are cheapskates.” Had Beck acknowledged that reality, more than likely conservatives would’ve been more receptive to his comments.  I see no difference between Beck’s and the government hack’ statements. Churches have been aiding and abetting illegals for years which has encouraged more and more illegals to come. This is not just churches responding to kids in need, but an ongoing pattern. “Participating churches in San Diego, Seattle, Chicago and New York won’t initially house illegal immigrants. Instead, leaders will provide legal council, accompany people to court hearings and prepare plans to house them in churches if authorities try to deport them.

“Mercy” is directed towards those following the “law” by staying in their own countries.  It is time for compassion and charity for our fellow Americans being terrorized, financially ruined, and infected with disease. These “kids” are receiving food, housing, clothing, medical treatment, and even games through our taxes. If they have to eat beans & wear second-hand clothes, that’s fine because they are living on Americans’ money and taxes. Money that could and should be spent on Americans, such as our Vets. “Mercy” is being shown even though the law is being trampled. Glenn Beck can do whatever he wants, but I will not give one cent to illegals who are literally and figuratively stealing from my fellow Americans. After all, none of us have limitless amounts of money to donate to help those in need. Glenn Beck & others’ acquiesce of American’s suffering, lawlessness by non-Americans, & government’s lack of action  leads to more of the same. If you like death trains, infectious diseases, & an invading horde, this latest House of Representative bill is going to give you lots more, as Sen Jeff Sessions so forcefully points out.



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