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Absolute Evil

By Sally Mulder

This is considered intelligent discussion regarding abortion.  My opinions are in blue.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: A new law in Oklahoma has been temporarily blocked that requires pregnant women to watch a detailed ultrasound and hear a description of the fetus before they can get an abortion. (PAUSES WITH SARCASTIC FACIAL EXPRESSION) Yeah.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: You know, when I heard that, because I’m one, I am, after going through what I went through, I am not for abortion, but I do believe women should have a choice about what they do with their bodies, and so-  (In the interview with Precious Times, a magazine for black Christian women, Shepherd, who is 41, said she was “sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count. I felt if someone killed me, it wouldn’t even make a difference,” she said, talking about how the abortions and other problems caused a low point in her life. “But God showed me that it would make a difference.” READ MORE

JOY BEHAR: You’re not for abortion for yourself anymore.

SHEPHERD: Anymore, anymore. That’s what I’m saying. I went through it because I had abortions, and I know how, what it did to my spirit. But I don’t feel that the government should tell a woman what she should do with her body. Everybody has a choice to make. But hearing this right here, I still feel it’s an invasion to force a woman to hear this, to force a woman to see this.

HASSELBECK: I also don’t, I would rather, because I am, I guess, technically, and we all are forced to kind of decide what we are – pro-life, pro-choice – right? I think on paper I would be pro-life, but I do, I don’t want the government necessarily to tell me what to do with my body either. I would rather change a heart than a law, you know. That’s just the way I think. I’d rather change a heart. And I think, in practical terms, and I’m on my computer, right? And I have something in a file that I’m about to delete. Something comes up on my screen: “This file may contain important data. Are you sure you want to delete it?” And I think, you know, in a way, if it weren’t forced, but it were, say, a nudging, where someone said, “This file, your belly-”

HASSELBECK: If I have in my belly, I’m about to have Isaiah, my third born child, and someone says to me, “This file,” your belly, “may contain important data,” and this is the picture I see – I think we still have it from when I had him in my belly – there’s my little smiling Isaiah. “Are you sure you want to delete it?” Even in my worst circumstance, I may at least reconsider, and I think it’s worth knowing what is going on in your body.

GOLDBERG: Let me tell you something. There’s not a woman that goes, there’s not a woman out there who makes a decision to have an abortion lightly. It is a tough, a tough-

HASSELBECK: I’m not saying it’s a decision-

GOLDBERG: But to have someone compound what you are already carrying, you are already going in there with that pain because maybe you didn’t want to have an abortion, maybe you can’t have a baby. Maybe you can’t afford it. ( Previously :”Whoopie Goldberg stated that women who have abortions should be revered. Huh? Whoopie Goldberg also said that she has had six abortions herself. I am not clear if that includes the one that she gave herself at age 14. ” h/t associated content)

Can abortion supporters stop lying?!  If a pregnant woman is having financial difficulties and doesn’t want to put her baby up for adoption, all Americans should realize that a woman can receive lots of government assistance, also known as “money”.  Whoopi needs to come up with a better lie than this.

HASSELBECK: Are you going in there with all the knowledge of what’s actually going on inside of you at 16 weeks?

GOLDBERG: But what difference does it make if you can’t have the baby? What difference does it make if you’re going to bring a baby in and you can’t feed it and you can’t take care of it and then people end up killing their kids? I hate it! (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)

Murder you’re baby before it’s born!  That’ll save you the trouble of figuring out someway to murder your baby later! You know, if you need formula, but you want a manicure you’ve got to do something.

Read more

HASSELBECK: I think it’s such a gray issue, and, like I said, I think it should be a heart change, not a law that’s forcing the change, and I believe that firmly. I just think there would be some women, if given the opportunity to actually seek knowledge, okay, this is what’s actually going on at 16 weeks. Maybe there is a way. Maybe there’s a way. I don’t know.

Elizabeth, how is this a gray issue?  What other laws do you advocate eliminating and just trying to change hearts?  Rape?  After all, if you can tell a woman what to do with her body, you can’t tell a man what to do with his body.  You’ve got to change the rapist’s heart, not try to force something on him with a law.

GABOUREY SIBIDE: I think that I would agree that you don’t go into abortion lightly. If you’re thinking of abortion, then there are certain reasons why you cannot have the baby, and seeing a picture of the baby only seems to make things worse for you. Of course you would consider it more. But I think I believe in pro-choice. I’ve never had any abortions, and I don’t know anyone who has, but I don’t think that the government should tell me what to do with my body, and I don’t think the government has the power to make me to, like why, I think it’s-

Understandably, “seeing a picture of the baby” might upset the “mother”.  No one wants to make the woman feel badly.

SHEPHERD: You know, I think, with me, because I’ve had several abortions, and I think if I had gone in there and they had shown me that, the guilt probably would have made me say I don’t want to kill my baby-

GOLDBERG: I don’t believe that. I don’t believe you, Sherri. I don’t believe that.

BEHAR: Why did you have them several times?

SHEPHERD: Yes, I did have them several times, but I wasn’t thinking of, I chose to not think of this baby as a moving, breathing-


GOLDBERG: But why?

SHEPHERD: Because I couldn’t deal with that.

HASSELBECK: That’s an honest remark.

GOLDBERG: That’s why I say that.

SHEPHERD: And I’m saying I don’t, you know, feel like you should force it on anybody because it is your body, you have to make a choice and you have to deal with whatever consequences come.

Rapists could make the same argument.

BEHAR: Can I make a point here that people I know that have had abortions? I haven’t had one myself. I had an extopic pregnancy, which was not my choice, but I know people who’ve had abortions who don’t think twice about it. I mean, this idea that everybody struggles with this, I think, is not necessarily a fact either. People say I just don’t want it and I’m not, and I’m going to sweep it away, as they say-

GOLDBERG: Well, I guess I don’t know anybody like that.

BEHAR: -and I’m not, and they don’t see it, and I’ve heard from people, they don’t see it as a child, they see it as a bunch of cells-

Then they are delusional.

GOLDBERG: I’ve met folks like that.

BEHAR: -and they don’t want to see the sonogram particularly because they’re not interested. I don’t think that it’s all one thing. And the other thing I would say is that, you know,

So women believe they’ve got “the blob” growing inside, not a baby.  Naturally, they don’t want to see actual pictures of the baby or hear the baby’s heart beat – that makes the women uncomfortable.

conservatives who would like to take away Roe v. Wade, they’ are constantly complaining about big brother and big government, and, yet, when itcomes to my vagina and uterus, right there they are. (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)

Behar wants government regulation; however, she wants the government regulation to be abortion on demand, paid abortion, etc.

HASSELBECK: Great, and that’s what I said, and, Joy, and I and that’s why I say, as someone who’s been on that Republican aisle who considers herself to be conservatives, on some issues – not all – but I do believe that the government shouldn’t necessarily tell a woman what to do with her body, and I do believe that, like I said, hearts should be changed. I wouldn’t want the government to say you can only have three kids, you can only have two kids, you know, on the other side, or you must have three kids by the age of 30 and we’re going to try to make that happen.

Hasselbeck’s comments are not satire.  Hard to believe, I know.

BEHAR: Or you must abort all the girls like they do in China.

That’s where we’re headed, Joy.

HASSELBECK: Have the information, you are asked on a computer screen if you want to get rid of something and this is what the file contains. Know what’s in the file before you get rid of it.

GOLDBERG: But why do it, I mean, here’s the first thing that I want to do. I am also pro-life, and I am pro-choice. I’m for the best possible life that you can give your child. And if you end up having to give your child away, which many people do, you know, the guilt of knowing that that kid is out there, or what some people have resorted to doing when they discover they actually can’t deal with it, they do terrible things to their kids. And so I wonder, you know, if it isn’t because they ask you – or they used to ask you – a gazillion questions, they used to make you go home and then come back and decide if you wanted to do it.


HASSELBECK: They don’t do that now necessarily. They don’t. And there are many convenience abortions. You know, I think there are a portion where people are struggling, are not sure if this baby will survive, you know, maybe considering that the doctor told them it might have a disability, what they would do if they can’t afford the treatment that’s necessary. But I do think there are a number of convenience abortions, and I think just having information is important.

GOLDBERG: But those people are going to do it anyway. But seeing the baby is not going to change.

SHEPHERD: -you deal with constant guilt about the fact that you had, some were convenience abortions, some were just like you can’t take care of this baby.

HASSELBECK: We should never go back to that. Again, change hearts, not change laws.

You are talking about the murder of human beings!  Is this your stance on murder?

BEHAR: Well, these people are trying to go back there.

GOLDBERG: This conversation is going to continue for many, many moons because it’s passion for everybody, but we’re never going to BS each other.

You’re all to busy trying to “BS” yourselves and the American people.

I can only hope that Christian women are not supporting these lies and the promotion of abortion by watching “The View”.  It should be titled “The Dung Heap”.

There is more here, if you can stomach it.


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