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By Sally Mulder

“I had cleared buildings before, but that was in Iraq.  It was very, very disturbing to have to clear my own house, checking bedrooms and closets, armed and ready to kill, right here in Arizona.” Read the rest : Update From Cochise County, Arizina

BIG JOURNALISM:  Previously undisclosed FBI documents suggest that the Kent State antiwar protests were more meticulously planned than originally thought and that one or more gunshots may have been fired at embattled Ohio National Guardsmen before their killings of four students and woundings of at least nine others on that searing day in May 1970.” Read the rest.

A long excerpt  from the corner @ National Review, go there to read the rest:

How Does Reasonable Suspicion Work?   [Rich Lowry] :For a look at how the Arizona law might work in practice, here’s a good case to consider: Estrada v. Rhode Island. The plaintiffs alleged a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights because Officer Thomas Chabot of the Rhode Island State Police asked about their immigration status during a traffic stop, then made an inquiry to ICE, and finally transported them to the Providence office of ICE.

Chabot pulled over a van full of people after it failed to signal a change of lanes. Chabot asked the driver for ID and registration. He complied. Then, Chabot walked over to the passenger side and asked the guy in the passenger seat if he had ID. Because he wasn’t as distinctly American as Mike Gerson, instead of shouting “Go to hell,” he said that he didn’t have any. Chabot counted 15 people inside the van, and asked for ID from all of them. They produced a gym card, two cards from the Guatemalan consulate, and a non-driver’s license ID from Rhode Island. By this point, unaccountably, Chabot had the sense something might not be right.

He asked if they had documents establishing their citizenship. None did. Eventually the passengers basically admitted they were illegal. (I’m told this happens more than you might think.) Chabot returned to his car and called ICE. He had to wait three minutes for a return call and instructions. Then, with back-up, he escorted the van to the ICE office where the passengers were detained.

Does this smack of near-fascism? I think it’ll strike most people as eminently reasonable.

Why isn’t America supporting these people as they attempt to overthrow the murderous dictators?  Ask Obama.  Too bad the  Iranians didn’t rise up when GW was President!


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