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How much do we pay these jokers?: Question:  What is the House of Representatives doing as unemployment approaches 10%, the deficit exceeds 10% of GDP, the public debt grows to unprecedented size for peacetime and Iran is about to get The Bomb? POTTY PARITY ACT . More shenanigans here. h/t American Thinker

From the Claremont Institute: A coalition of conservative national security groups is launching an initiative that calls for strengthening U.S. defenses and opposing what they say is an effort by the Obama administration to weaken security….”If they have their way, the armed forces will be ever less capable of projecting power and the nation and its allies left increasingly open to blackmail, if not actual attack,”…It also calls for opposing Muslim efforts to impose Shariah law, which the group describes as “anti-Constitutional” and “totalitarian.” MORE h/t Washington Times, Claremont


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