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Obama Is Below Contempt

Obama uses American lives and national security for his political gain, attempting to force “his” unpopular immigration policies on the American public by allowing drug cartels, murderers, kidnappers, etc to flood into Arizona through uncontrolled borders.  Selling out Americans, using lawlessness and intimidation has always been the Democratic plan to win passage of their  misnamed “immigration reform” plan in order to have more reliant voters whose votes Democrats can buy.

To understand the magnitude of the problem Arizona, really America,  is facing you need to be aware that parts of Arizona are no longer safe for Americans to visit.  The desert area pictured below is not out in the boondocks, it is close to the city of Casa Grande.  This is dangerous situation is the direct  result of Obama’s strong arm tactics.  No go zones in Arizona?  Thanks, Obama!

News Video Here :Arizona Desert Off Limits


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