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Arizona's Future?

Is this relevant to Arizona’s new immigration law?  Should we look at actual facts or rely on the hysterical and misleading statements by the “elites”?  Does the enforcement of immigration laws affect the Phoenix Suns in anyway other than landscaping and house-cleaning?  Are the Suns unwilling to pay a higher wage to Arizonans willing to do these jobs?  Are the Suns, living in their mansions,  insulated from the terror and crime caused by the flood of criminal illegals into Arizona?  ABSOLUTELY!  Would the Suns be so cavalier if they and their families were afraid to LEAVE their houses, but also afraid to STAY in their houses?  We all know the answer.
Leandro Barbosa , Brazilian Phoenix Suns player, was concerned for his families’ safety  in Brazil after kidnapping threats were made against them.   Leandro must realize what is at stake for Arizonans, but does he care?

Drug- and gang-related deaths in Mexico’s nearly four-year drug war surpassed 18,000 this year



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