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Hillsdale College

By Sally Mulder

Hillsdale College, located in Hillsdale, Michigan, teaches conservative values while refusing federal funding since, unsurprisingly, federal funds come with federal strings.  Hillsdale’s financial independence allows academic excellence taught in conjunction with personal accountability and responsibility.  Classic literature, sound economic principles, and a true historical perspective are not only taught, but celebrated.  The list of guest lecturers hosted by Hillsdale over the years is quite impressive: Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Netanyahu, F. Lee Bailey, Robert Barkley, William Churchill III, Jeb Bush, Brit Hume, Mark Steyn.  The list goes on and on with incredible guests throughout Hillsdale’s history.  Luckily, the speeches are available at the Hillsdale “Imprimis” archives. (

Hillsdale’s tradition is reflected in the beautiful architecture, as well as, the statues that grace the campus. A tour of the campus will take you past a soaring eagle, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and American veterans, among others honored with statues.  All of this is set in the idyllic Michigan landscape.

This is impressive in and of itself, but the truly amazing quality of Hillsdale College is the people.  When we took our Arizona daughter to the frigid north land, it was with real misgivings.  She had never visited the college, it was a last minute decision.  We were all relieved to meet, undoubtedly, the friendliest, most helpful faculty and staff we’ve ever encountered at any college.  This attitude permeated the entire campus, infecting the parents and students with the same cheerful goodwill.  While it was hard to leave her there, so far from home, it was made infinitely easier by the quality people we encountered.  During her years at Hillsdale, not only did she receive quality instruction in the classroom, but real personal attention, help, and interest from her professors.  Happily, she also made many life long friends.

With such a legacy, is it any surprise that Hillsdale students and graduates are serving their communities?  This was brought to mind today by an article by Hillsdale professor Gary Wolfram , as well as, an article about Hillsdale student Kevin Hershock. Kevin started the charity, Be A Number:

“Be A Number is a responsible shirt business operating out of Marshall, MI based on a simple principle: For every shirt we sell, we will give an identical shirt to an impoverished child. On the back of each shirt is its individual order number. Only you and the child that you clothe will share this number- each shirt is 2 of a kind. Sometimes something as small as a number can give something as big as hope. Be A Number.” (Check them out at


.Do yourself a favor, take a visual tour of Hillsdale when you have the chance.


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