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The ultimate test of any civilization is what we do with our children. I’m afraid we would fail the minimal test of civility in this regard.

— Ravi Zacharias (@RaviZacharias) July 25, 2014


“Liberating, Empowering”

This is an interesting explanation of Klavan’s conversion to “pro-life”, however, how can anyone believe killing an unborn baby is “liberating, empowering”?

“Okay, aborting a baby might be liberating, empowering and convenient. It might even dramatically improve the future course of your life. But the same could be said about murdering your wife if she’s a […]

Child Abandonment?

An American Mom is arrested for allowing her 9 year-old daughter to take her cell phone, go to a kid-filled park while Mom works to support her daughter & herself. Who knew” Meanwhile, “parents” who send their kids on death trains to America will be rewarded. You can’t make this stuff up! 

Oprah Nonsense

“You get in life what you’re willing to ask for.”  Oprah Winfrey

No, you get in life what you’re willing to work for. Was Oprah handed her wealth?  Is Oprah going to hand over money to those who ask her for it? Hardly. First and foremost, liberals are hypocrites.