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Steve Moak's Best Endorsement

Steve Moak is running to replace retiring Representative John Shadegg in Arizona CD3.  I support Steve became he is a pro-life, conservative Christian who also happens to be a successful businessman.

You can read Steve’s positions @ so I want to tell you about an endorsement Steve received at a community meeting last Saturday afternoon.

A woman told her story of having to leave an abusive husband although she was both unemployed and broke.  This woman got a job at Steve’s company, ProMark One. Not only did that job allow her to turn her life around, but she also became a van driver for half-way houses.  Through this woman’s job as a driver, she has come in contact with many people that Steve and Debbie Moak have helped through their non-profit drug program, notMYkid.  This woman came to the community meeting not only to thank Steve and Debbie, but also to endorse Steve for Arizona Representative.  I don’t believe a candidate can get a more compelling endorsement.


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