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Daily Fireworks

By Sally Mulder

AMERICAN CHRISTIANS BETTER PREPARE – ENGLAND: A Christian street preacher has been arrested and charged with a public-order offence as a Christian, he believed homosexuality was one of a number of sins that go against the word of God.

COW WITH GAS MASK @ AQUARIUM?  ENVIRONMENTALIST  KOOKS ARE TOO FUNNY: When we go to an aquarium, I don’t expect to be seeing land mammals with gas masks on them used as climate propaganda, I expect to see fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals. h/t  wattsupwiththat

Below are two great posts by Dr. Charles Steele, Hillsdale Economics Professor h/t

WHY INSURANCE RATES WILL RISE: This one is simple: the “fix” increases the insurance pool, and forbids rating based on individuals’ actual health status (“pre-existing conditions”).  Reinforcing this effect is the apparent fact that fines for not buying mandatory insurance are considerably less than the price of insurance, so healthy uninsured people will have an incentive to remain uninsured, and then purchase insurance if they become unhealthy.

“NO FREE LUNCH” : this higher demand should push prices for a unit of health care higher.  There’s no free lunch, and expanding the quantity supplied can only be done at increasing cost, as resources that might have been used elsewhere

WORDS OF WISDOM FROM KOBE BRYANT:  “If you are going to beat somebody, you have to beat them to a pulp.” (From “The Art of a Beautiful Game”) h/t

EASTER FOR OUR TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN: If the kids disappear suddenly, it’s a good idea to prepare to fight…It’s good to watch for men wearing running shoes, which can be a sign they are fighters. Some great pictures from Michael Yon


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