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Pro-life Momentum

By Sally Mulder

Newsweek’s article “Remember Roe! How Can the Next Generation Defend Abortion Rights When They Don’t Think Abortion Rights Need Defending?” interviews NARAL President Nancy Keenan.  In the article, Keenan concedes that the pro-abortion group is losing younger people.

“‘I just thought, my gosh, they are so young,’ Keenan recalled. ‘There are so many of them, and they are so young.’ March for Life estimates it drew 400,000 activists to the Capitol this year. An anti-Stupak rally two months earlier had about 1,300 attendees.” (h/tProudAmerican93

In my opinion, “Remember Roe” should remind us that the Roe case was completely drummed up solely to legalize abortion, with “Roe” aka McCorvey never getting an abortion.  We should also remember that McCorvey regretted her involvement and now speaks out against abortion.

“McCorvey’s Rule 60 affidavit tells how, pregnant and homeless in 1969, she saw an adoption lawyer who referred her to two young lawyers, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee. Over pitchers of beer they talked McCorvey into being their plaintiff to challenge Texas’s abortion law. She was ideal: “You’re white. You’re young, pregnant, and you want an abortion.” In fact, McCorvey wasn’t sure what an abortion was and in the end never had one. She signed her affidavit unread. (Emphasis mine)

There was no evidence at trial about the reality of abortion or its effects on women. Following Roe v.Wade, McCorvey’s life was a fog of drink, drugs, despair, and work in abortion clinics, punctuated by suicide attempts. What she saw in those clinics fed a growing remorse about her role in making abortion common.” (h/t

Tim Tebow’s pro-life ads during the Super Bowl were thought provoking, informative, and uplifting.

The advances in ultra-sounds are causing second thoughts on “when life begins”.  Ultra-sounds show “something” that looks uncomfortably like a baby, not a blob, at very early stages of fetal development.  Couple this with medical advances that are keeping the tiniest premies alive and the younger generation understands you are aborting a living baby, not just some tissue.  Hearts and minds are being changed.

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