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Bankrupting American Healthcare


Daily Fireworks

By Sally Mulder

AMERICAN CHRISTIANS BETTER PREPARE – ENGLAND: A Christian street preacher has been arrested and charged with a public-order offence …as a Christian, he believed homosexuality was one of a number of sins that go against the word of God.


Rationing Healthcare

By Sally Mulder

Surprise!   Obama’s Budget Director tells The Economic Club in DC that your doctor won’t decide on your treatment.  To cut costs, a government health care rationing board will decide on what treatment we need, deserve, and can afford. (h/t Big Government, Hot Air)

Watch the video by clicking below:

“This Independent Payment Advisory Board […]

Daily Fireworks

IN THE UK, ENVIRONMENTALISM IS NOW PROTECTED AS A “RELIGION”:  “established the principle that a belief in the dangers of climate change was capable of being protected under the religious discrimination and philosophical belief regulations.”

TIM TEBOW’S PRO-LIFE AD COST HIM ENDORSEMENTS, BUT: as many as 1.7 million pro-abortion viewers may have reconsidered their stance after watching […]

Let's get behind Conservative candidates

By Sally Mulder

Good Conservative candidate deserves our support – race is just a side note.

“At times Thursday’s event took on the feeling of a Sunday service at a traditional black church. Biblical references were plentiful and at one point shouts of “preach it” were called out from the front row as one candidate discussed the […]

Congressman Dingell (D) Won't Control Americans

By Sally Mulder

Congressman Dingell(D) stated in a radio interview that healthcare will be used to control the American people.  Quite a lofty goal, wouldn’t you agree?  I thought the Democrats wanted to provide healthcare for all with their monstrosity.  Judging by the latest CBS poll, the Democrats better bring out the dogs to get us […]

CBS is late to the party

By Sally Mulder

As a small business owner, I realize that we have passed the point where it makes economic sense to grow or expand your business.  Hiring new employees is suicidal while self-preservation dictates lay-offs and cut backs.  Small businesses are rapidly approaching the point where the disincentive to continue to operate is overwhelming.

Contrary to […]