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Axelrod Supports Romney

Don't Reelect Obama

Kagan Business Basher

Mort Zuckerman is no right winger, but even Mr. Zuckerman realizes that Obama views American businesses as the enemy:

What is the Obama administration’s theme?  ”Can we make the economy worse?  YES, WE CAN!”

How does Obama plan on destroying the American economy ,thereby driving unemployment ever higher?  By regulating and taxing businesses into oblivion.  Legislation passed [...]

Catching Up With Hillsdale

 I’d never heard of The Central Asian Free Market Institute, but Dr. Steele has the info:  You Can Help Promote Liberty And Peace

Dr. Wolfram has 2 posts on education reform:  Change Incentives to Improve Public Education 


Military Dogs

Click for pictures:  Great dogs! h/t Jonah Goldberg @NR

Steve Moak's Best Endorsement

Steve Moak is running to replace retiring Representative John Shadegg in Arizona CD3.  I support Steve became he is a pro-life, conservative Christian who also happens to be a successful businessman.

You can read Steve’s positions @ http://moakforcongress.com so I want to tell you about an endorsement Steve received at a community meeting last Saturday afternoon.

A woman told [...]